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Andrew Nguyen

Forceful Memory Allocation

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Is it possible to do forceful memory allocation? e.g, is
#include <iostream>
int *a
int t
void main()
  &t = A001D;

possible? Just wondering... it could help to organize variable location?

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What do you mean by forceful memory allocation? Your code example didn''t help me much since it doesn''t make sense . Do you mean writing to a specific place in memory? If that''s what you mean then yes it is technically possible, but it''s more likely that your application will segfault. You''d basically do it like this:
int *Fish = 0x12341234;
*Fish = 999;

That would try to set the memory (of sizeof(int) bytes) at 0x12341234 equal to 999. Of course, that''s going to cause your application to crash . You may also want to look at ''placement new''.

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