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OpenGL OpenGL Terrain Engine

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I thought I would show some screenshots of my terrain engine. I''d like honest feedback. My question is, When water is in area and I draw the polygon representing it, the fps drop to 20 from 45. The water is just a gigantic pair of polygons. Is it actually better to draw a lot of smaller ones than 1 really big one? http://www.planetquake.com/tdk/index3.html

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First: Please add to that image a link to a large 800x600 or something sized screenshot. I cant stand gettn teased by thumbnails!!

Second: Please describe your terrain for me...
A) Do you use LOD of the terrain mesh? Like a roam, or adaptive quadtree to allow for high detail up close, less detail far away?
B) Do you "tile" your textures or is it 1 large texture for the area? Do you use mipmaps?
c) What did you use to create your terrain? (a grayscale height-value bitmap?)

Third(comments): Like i said, thumbnails suck, but from what I can see, it looks very very nice. It looks like you have a "campfire" light near that tent. If that was the intention, very nice touch. Your grass texturing looks good and so does the down-slope of your hill. I cant really see what the water looks like(that thumbnail again). Because the scene has low-lighting, i suggest having 2 pics: 1 in daytime, 1 at night. Why, because the textures seem a little dark so to get a real sense of them, daytime lighting would benifit in reviews!!!

Hope you dont mind all the questions. I have been gathering info on terrain engines myself. Any resources you can recommend??

Edited by - GalaxyQuest on January 2, 2002 2:31:54 PM

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A) It is not LOD at all.
B) Textures are tiled
C) I created a terrain editor where i can select the amount of earth to drag, then drag the height of the terrain up and down as a cube, spherical, inverted funnel or conical and soon will have a Sinc function. You can also smooth it out and erase it, and then you also draw the textures and place the models with adjustible sizes.

I must have the brightness on my monitor set too high because i considered the ss's as daylight :/

Edited by - Xanthen on January 2, 2002 3:52:07 PM

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I, like GQ even, have tried to make a terrain engine/level maker and have failed. I''m currently learning to render v38 IBSP''s because of it. Yes, they''re not nearly as good as a custom terrain engine but hey, gotta have some levels.

My point, how about writing up some info? A tutorial?
From what I can see, it looks very good and I know a lot of people would be interested in learning how you did it.

Just take your code, and comment the hell out of it making it a tutorial. =)

Just an idea.

Once again, it looks great!

- Mike

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This will have to do.

Some plain ground with my earth modifier

selected size then clicked and draged up.

Moved selector clicked and dragged down.

Sphere lifter selected now, clicked and dragged up.

Inverted funnel selected, made a bunch of em.

I now selected the smoother, heres some shots of it in progress

Now i''m satisfied so i draw on the ground with my texture applicator.

simple as that. Started on the terrain editor this past saturday.

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Your lil editor seems really neat. Nice job.

Would you be willing to answer a few more questions, that way I can try to figure this stuff out on my own without looking at code...i got a lot of questions!!

What kind of method do you use to smooth?

Next(texture generation):
A) How large of an area does each texture cover?
B) When you are "spray painting" texture colors to a tile, how do you figure out which pixel color goes on which texture tile?

Do you use triangle strips/vertex arrays?

The map editing pics...is the map the size of what is on screen? What I am getting at is maps of very large size and whether you have thought of breaking them up. This way map chunks can be "paged" in on demand as you move around.

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