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Do cloned objects export in 3d studio max

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Whenever I use the clone tool, the objects that are cloned do not show up in my directx program. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is it just that cloned objects are deleted either by the 3dstudio max exporter or the conv3ds directx utility? Or is the c++ code the problem? Thanks for you help.

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cloned objects, or atleast instances of objects are basically one object ....it saves on render times if you use the same object twice but only have the calculations once....if you change one instance of an object you will change all other instances of the objects....but you can still map instances differently....when cloning choose copy rather then instance as copies are independent of each other... ....should work ....

step 1: choose clone tool
step 2: choose copy option and not instance or reference
step 3: wash rinse repeat

only other things i can think of is having the objects named the same thing...minor stuff like that

i aint a programmer [yet] so as for the directx stuff ???

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Copies work, but neither references nor instances work.

About the names, should the instances have the same name as each other? I don''t think they have the same name right now.

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instances should not be named the same purely for confusion purposes....for the same reason having identical twins with the same name is confusing

as said before instances [and i think references] are basically a mirror image of an already existing object....they don''t exist as separate entities in max....i am thinking you want to use instance clones to save load times or even polycount''s in your code ....i would assume that would be done on the programming side...it can be done , as many games prove with 1 enemy model cloned into many will prove.....i know instances can be mapped/textured seperately in 3dsmax but as for what i *think* you want to do i would reccommend just making one model with same texture and placing copies of it in separate places
i will try to explain from what little programming i know

1: make the model in 3dsmax
2: convert to directx file format [thats just the .x filetype aint it?]
3: load the directx file of model into program/game
4: place the model in your game matrix in two seperate places...wherever you intend placing them

something like that....i aint anyway accomplished at programming at all so dont quote me on that part

i will continue replying as long as you think i can help you.
i am on msn messenger if needs be [m r l u d o @ h o t m a i l . c o m <- spaces 4 anti spam protection]

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