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Is this the formula for distance from a plane?

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TrinaglePos=Tx*Nx+Ty*Ny+Tz*Nz; PointPos=Px*Nx+Py*Ny+Pz*Nz; Distance=sqrt(PointPos-TrianglePos); T is a Triangle vertex. P is the Point in space. N is the Normal. If I'm right, I'm really starting to understand what the Dot Product does. Edited by - WhatEver on January 2, 2002 5:25:41 PM

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was easier than typing it out

you weren't too far off

for programming purposes, you probably can't guarentee that |ax+by+cz+d| is positve, and you don't want to call "sqrt()" too many times, so

When coding it, do something like


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