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landshape as in car games?

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Okay, help me out here, is iSOMETRIC an utility for creating Free Warez Games? -Just kiddin, well i am wondering one thing, this isometric things, can i use this to create a car game like NFS 5? ----------------------------- - Datatubbe They didn't accept me in the Tubby World! Edited by - Datatubbe on January 2, 2002 7:22:17 PM Edited by - Datatubbe on January 2, 2002 7:23:21 PM

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i don't remember if i saw NFS5, but assuming it's like its predecessors, i don't suppose such a game would be an isometric view.
that is to say: isometric, by definition, is such a view in which objects don't increase/decrease in size due to distance changes.
i can't lecture you on how such a game is made because i don't know that much about actual 3d games and i'm not really sure how such racing games are made.
from what i've seen, most if not all isometric games are tile-based. i suppose you COULD make tiles for various road parts, keep displaying them and according to where you are on the road, tilt them a bit right or left while constantly scrolling your map in a certain direction (mainly upward, assuming you want a straight view of the car), while things such as scenery and the cars themselves would be images blitted ontop of the road.
but it seems to me it would take ALOT of calculations to change the angle of the camera on such a thing when going up/down hills, turning, if u want the camera to rotate with bumpiness, car flips etc., and thus i assume it's done in nearly full 3D, with maybe things like sky in the horizon as an image. (ontop of which would, of course, be rendered various things which are closer than the horizon - curves, obstacles, airplanes etc.)

again, don't count my opinion as expert because i am no such thing (yet )
if you look at previous posts, you'll see numerous references to games like starcraft, x-com, diablo, baldur's gate, and of course the concepts Real-Time and Turn-Based Strategy games, which are the prime use of the isometric view (nowadays anyway)

you can use this view to create a racing game in which the whole track is seen on-screen(mini-cars type of thing), but i don't think tiles are the best way to go about that..)

Make something idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot..

Edited by - Demiurge on January 3, 2002 1:47:38 PM

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