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Question on how they did something in AdvancedWars...

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I have a odd question im not sure anyone can answer but I will try anyway... I was curious if anyone has played Advanced Wars for the GBA. I have and its a great game (especially for not so great graphics and turnbased strategy, but its fun as hell). I was curious how the hell they might figure damage and such. There are different tiles that add defensive and attack bonuses, and then the units that occupy the tiles, Infantry, Mechinized infantry, tankes, anti air etc.. I was curious about how do they figure or what the formulas would look like for dealing damage. I thought it would be a trivial thing, but as I sat down to study it more it didn''t seem to be. So does anyone know what formulas for turnbased strategy/war games usually look like? Any help or pointing in the right direction would be great. Thanks! -Shane

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I have this game, and think it is great. As for the damage, if you look at the intel sheets for each unit, it shows what types of units things can attack. When different types of units show up in the list, they usually show up under a different weapon (ie: heavy tanks can attack land vehicles or ships or subs with the cannon, and they can attack infantry or land vehicles or copters with the M Gun) and the different weapons have different attack ratings. As for the defensive ratings, they are rated in stars out of 5 stars, which is probably translated to a percentage.

Anyway, it proabably ends up being calculated something like:

Weapon Attack - (Unit Defense + Terrain Defense %)

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