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Little Template Q.

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Okay just wondering what the syntax was to declare a template with multiple placeholders. Or can't you? I know this:
template class X
X someFunc(X x1, X x2)
    return 0;
but can you create other classes? Is there ever really a need to? Thx, just starting to brush up on my C++ again, I haven't touched it in so long doing other stuff... Oh and I know that "class X" goes in "<>" but cause the damn HTML is enabled... well, you get the picture _________________________________________________________________ Drew Sikora A.K.A. Gaiiden ICQ #: 70449988 AOLIM: DarkPylat Blade Edge Software Staff Member, GDNet Public Relations, Game Institute 3-time Contributing author, Game Design Methods , Charles River Media (coming GDC 2002) Online column - Design Corner at Pixelate NJ IGDA Chapter - NJ developers unite!! [Chapter Home | Chapter Forum]

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