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6 degrees freedom in flight sim with glRotate* and glTranslate*

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Hi, I''ve written a flight sim. For the viewpoint, i don''t want to use gluLookAt(). So I use glRotate* and glTranslate*. But I''ve some problems. Here is a piece of my sim code: POINT mpos; void input() { GetCursorPos(&mpos); SetCursorPos(SCREENWIDTH/2,SCREENHEIGHT/2); heading += (float)(320 - mpos.x)/100 * 5; yrot = heading; updown -= (float)(240 - mpos.y)/100 * 5; //Piover180 is simply a conversion factor //for converting between degrees and //radians float speed=0.4f; if(key[VK_UP]) { xpos -=(float)sin(heading*piover180)*speed; zpos -=(float)cos(heading*piover180)*speed; ypos -=(float)sin(updown*piover180)*speed; } if(key[VK_DOWN]) { xpos +=(float)sin(heading*piover180)*speed; zpos +=(float)cos(heading*piover180)*speed; ypos +=(float)sin(updown*piover180)*speed; } } void DrawScene() { ......... GLfloat sceneroty = 360.0f - yrot; glRotatef(updown,1.0f,0,0); glRotatef(sceneroty,0,1.0f,0); glTranslatef(-xpos,-ypos,-zpos); ......... } if I test test the sim, it looks to be correct. But later, I''ve found a bug. I think that there is a bug in calculation of "ypos". can anybody help me!!!!!

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