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Old film rendering

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Hi, I would like to create a gray gradiant rendering, like old film, with DirectX. If anyone knows a method to give to a colored rendering a gray tint aspect, post it. Thanks. Vko

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I do not know if this is what you are looking for, but anyway...

I suppose you are using some kind of RGB scale for your colors. There are another scale called YUV which might help you out. In this scale the Y is for luminace (intencity) and UV for color. So if you convert the RGB to YUV and then set your U and V to zero, everything will be in grayscale. If you don't set them all the way down to zero, you can have a grayish effect instead.

DirectX supports YUV but I have never tried it so I don't know how.

The conversion formulas:
Y = 0.30*R + 0.59*G + 0.11*B
U = 0.493*(B-Y)
V = 0.877*(R-Y)

Maybe this cleared the fog a little...

// Javelin
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