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edNinjaHedz 'compatibility test'

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I just put a beta of the level editor of my current project on my web page. You can also play the sample level. It''s a 3rd Person Shooter. There are also a few screenshots. I think the biggest requirement is a decent OpenGL ICD (sorry Voodoo1 / 2). My 450 w/ TNT2 at home gets about 50fps, and the 300 w/ nothing at work only gets 1, so there you go. I''d appreciate any compatibility and/or playtesting. It might be worth a download just so you know if you can blow me off next time I tell you how to do something THE RIGHT WAY on the forums The link is: Enjoy!

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Hey, I noticed that you sayed that you made an editor, and I was wondering. Where did you learn how to work with loading, saving, reading , and creating files? I want to make an editor for my game and loading, editing, reading, and creating are essential.

P.S.: Nice web page, but the pictures don''t work


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Why, Netscape, why? Remember when IE was the one that broke when you tried open standards? Picture problem fixed, forgot to check Netscape.

For a file format you just need a header structure that gives a count of every type of data structure thats part of the level. (ie graphics, enemy position, etc) and save that first. Then you write all that data. When you load it you know (for example) that you have 3 enemies from the header, so you just use a loop to load those three and your ready to load whatever you saved next. You repeat the process for everything you saved. Pretty easy when you think about it.

If you need more info, e-mail me.

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