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Source Control using WinCVS

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Hi! Is it possible to setup WinCVS so that I can use a single computer as both server and client? I want to have a directory where I can work with my code and another one where a backup CVS repository exists. If this is not possible, do you know another free software which can do this? Erluk

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Unless I am mistaken, WinCVS is just a GUI for the command line CVS, so you will need it in addition to WinCVS.
Having said that, I can't think of any reason you couldn't set up your repository and working directory on the same machine.

I would recommend visiting
and especially
for information on configuring and using CVS.

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If you set it up to use the local protocol, you will be able to set up a repository on a local disk without requiring a dedicated CVS server(eg, you dont need anything more than WinCVS). You then set the CVSROOT to point to the directory you wish to use as the root of the repository, then go to Create->Create new Repository to initialize it.
In fact, this is what I''m doing at the moment, since I am unable to reach my CVS server(for various reasons).
If you are on an NT-based OS(NT4/2K/XP), and want to set up a CVS server, you can take a look at www.cvsnt.org for a port of the CVS server component. Or if you have some lowend hardware lying around you could install one of the lunixes and use that as a CVS server.

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