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immediate mode

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OB1st    122
I am trying to make sure that the time I am investing in DirectX7 will not be disposed. The question : is DirectX8 similler to the retained mode or is it more closer to the immediate mode of directX7 ? Does it follow the general approach of intializing and creating objects, maniuplating camera,mesh, child frame, master seen etc. Or it follows completly dferent concept. Thanks If love is illusion and hate is real, I would rather be crazy

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DrunkenHyena    805

Retained mode is dead. In fact it wasn''t even updated for DX7. It''s gone entirely from DX8. D3D8 is the next version of the immediate mode, though it''s not referred to as that since there aren''t separate modes anymore.

If you''re using D3D7 immediate mode then transferring to D3D8 won''t be hard, in fact a lot of things are much nicer in D3D8.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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