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Z problem !!!

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I''ve tried to load a mesh and then rotate it using SetTransform D3DTS_WORLTRANSFORM, it rotate well, but my mesh seems had been drawn the wrong way as the back showing up front. I''ve tried messing around with a variety of RenderState but the problem remains. What should I do ??

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Try changing the D3DRS_CULLMODE from D3DCULL_CCW to D3DCULL_CW.

The winding order of your vertices may be counterclockwise whereas it should be clockwise.

Alternatively your Z buffer may be having problems:

a) make sure the distance between the near and far clipping plane is something sensible (i.e. we use about far-near=4000 for most things). If it isn''t you''ll be getting artifacts from the Z buffer.

b) Make sure your Clear() call has the flag enabled to clear the Z buffer as well as the frame buffer.


Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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