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templated classes and multiple files

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ok heres the problem... i have written a basic templated linked list class (it works, ive tested) and i want to split it up into multiple files ala main.cpp list.h and list.cpp in list.h there is template class LINKEDLIST{ public: //variables omitted for brevity void add_node(t data); } in list.cpp there is #include "list.h" template void LINKEDLIST::add(t data) { //this actually does stuff when i dont cut out all the code } and in main.cpp there is #include "list.h" int main(void) { LINKEDLIST bla; } now the thing above compiles.... but when i add the following to it bla.add(6); i get this error undefined reference to LINKEDLIST::add(int) anyone know why this is? ps it only does this with templated classes... normal ones work fine thanx to any who respond

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