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rotation in Direct3d

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Hey I would like to have an object rotate around its center in directx 8. 1)How can I find the center? 2)What would the rotating function be? (I only want to rotate around the y-axis, not all 3-axis) Thanks for your help

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The best way is to use matrix''s... you know how you use SetTransform(&mymatrix) to draw something...Well each object has it''s own matrix. And of course if you want to draw the object in the middle of the world (0,0,0) with no rotation or scaling use the identity matrix. Well to rotate the object use D3DXMatrixRotate() function, you can specify on which axis to rotate by passing in a vector (in your case use the 0,1,0 vector to rotate around the y-axis) then do SetTransform(&newmatrix) to set that....

hope this helps in giving you some ideas.


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Ok, here is the code that I have, but it isn''t turning at all

D3DXMATRIX CarRotationMatrix;
if (g_Keyboard.IsKeyDown(DIK_LEFT)) {

GetLocal() is a method of the frame class which g_Car is. It puts the local transformation matrix in CarRotationMatrix

What am I doing wrong?

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