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I need an easy 3d math tut... please!

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razza    122
Hi, Can somebody recommend to me a website or tutorial that teaches 3d math in a simple (if possible?) way, and is informative to someone who isn''t incredibly advanced in math? Im still at school where we get taught bugger all about 3d math so I need some help. I want to learn the basics of it so I can go on to learn either direct3d or opengl. Thanks! ps. Which, out of directx and opengl, is considered to be the best amongst 3d programmers?

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subnet_rx    158
Check the Resources section here at GameDev. They just may be the best on the web. Btw, just b/c it says it''s a beginner tutorial, doesn''t exactly mean it starts at a beginner level. So look around.

OpenGL all the way.


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