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[java] Java 2 Game Programming

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Mine shipped today; it should arrive in 3-6. I''ll let you know about 2-3 days after that.


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They have a few copies of this book at my local borders. I wouldn''t spend more than $20 bucks on it, personally. It''s not bad, but it''s definately not above average. The final, completed game, presented in the last chapter, is not even a 2d side scroller. Of all the people i hear say that java can be used to make professional games and java rules, i still haven''t seen anything comparable to mario or zelda from the 8bit nintendo. Graal doesn''t really count because it uses directx.

This book really misses the mark in a few areas. The author went into great detail about scene graphs and collision reduction methods, but failed to implement them in a game that counts. I''m pretty sure the end game would be sped up if you removed the scene graph. The scrolling stuff was all relevant to repetitious backgrounds, no mention of level design. Also, i saw 2 pages on full screen mode. Not enough to make me buy the book. The only thing that seperates this book from a ''for dummies'' or a ''black art'' book is that there is no mention of java 1.1.

Personally, I think this guy doesn''t really make a lot of java gmes. He read some technique, did some stuff in c, and wrote a java book. I only skimmed it in the book store. If someone wants to post more about it, please do so. Ghardoan, tell me what you like about it, do you have other java game books?

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