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Fastest way to render quadtree & slow culling

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Hey people, some things to break yer heads on (or not ofcourse ) What would be the fastest way to render the leaf nodes of a quadtree? Smack ''em all into vertex arrays? Display lists? And how would this relate to frustum culling? You wouldn''t want to include any vertices in the vertex array that are not in the frustum. Can something like this be accomplished with only one pass throught the tree? And would it be logical that frustum culling a quadtree of which a large part is visible for most of the time? I (briefly) touched on it, but instead of an increase, I got a performance downcrease (ofcourse, I know I''m a terrible coder, but that''s off-subject ). Perhaps because most of the quads tested are in the frustum anyway. Any other suggestions for efficient rendering of a terrain which is largely visible most of the time? ----------------------------- Jappie BabJap Productions "There''s no such things as bugs; they''re just unintentional extra features"

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I think a concept needs to be pointed out here...With frustrum culling your not just checking what''s NOT in view, but what''s also IN the view...So if at the top of your quadtree, you check and find out the entire thing is in the view, then just skip all the checks furthur down the tree and draw the leafs...and if it''s totally not in view then don''t even check the children.

Also, in terms of to use vertex lists or display lists, is really api dependent sort of. But in general it''s probably best to have a vertex array with all the points in memory, then just have an index array that you dynamiclly change.


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