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PC wrestling game idea! But no means to realise it.. help!

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Hi there First of all. I cant program. I know nothing about it, except that its hard, especially for 3d games. With that out of the way, Id like to ask this question: Would a wrestling game be hard to design. Im not talking anything of the scale of SmackDown or Raw for Xbox. But Im talking a very deep create a character feature (surely its just a matter of templating textures for clothes, features etc?) with cartoony wrestlers. I guess it would have to be a 2d game but Id want it to look 3d with the shadows and so on. If you ever played Wrestlefest at the Arcade, thats what Im thinking, only Id want more impressive features with it. Is this out of the question? What level would programmers have to be at if I rounded them up to have a crack at this? Im keen to forget about far out match modes, Im just interested in putting in those little details that wrestling games usually forget eg doing moves onto/through weapons or furniture doing twice the damage etc. Id be really grateful for your views. Remember Im not a programmer and dont pretend to be one either Thanks a lot

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from a design perspective, you better start writing a design doc and heading over to the help wanted board and ask for you what you need AFTER you get a decent doc finished.

the doc should include but is not limited to:
1. playmodes
2. art style (cartoon/realitic/anime/2d/3d)
3. control scheme
4. story (probally be light in this area)
5. character bios (if you have pre made chars)
6. types of clothing
7. body types
8. play mechanics (this covers things from simple movement around the ring to the super massive crazy smash move, also discuss how going outsiide the ring will be delt with)
9. some prelim art would be a good idea if possible

other tips:
1. a website is definite and should not be shoddy to show you are serious
2. the programmers and main ppl helping you should be ppl you already know. this helps alievate the newbie team deature that kills so many projects when they are still in there infancy.
3. communication is VITAL. also i HIGHLY suggest learning to code. i highly doubt you will get much help without being a programmer simply because it sounds like yourr saying "i dont code, i know its hard, make me this game, it dont have to be as in depth as game A, but i want it to have more depth and details that all the other games miss including game A" never say you want a game thats like a certain game but with more impressive features when you can not even make the game you are trying to mimic.

and as always. coding may be difficult at first, but like any foreign language, once you get to learning the basics you can build up to become fluent. you can solve problems in english correct? well programming is just solving math problems in a programming language so the computer understands what you want to be done. granted thats an overly broad and simplfied version of the task you msut accomplish (learning to program), but something you will definatly be proud of after creating the game.

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thank you for your advice - I really appreciate it and dont worry, i dont go around pretending that Im "all that!" heh heh.

Thats my problem - I can visualise this game perfectly, yet am (at the moment) powerless to do anything about it.

thanks again

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