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MSVC++ Question

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I am working from the "OpenGL Game Programming" book and have hit a snag of sorts. The book has a simple example program that draws a red triangle and rotates it around an axis...easy enough. My project builds fine, but when I execute it I get a blank window. I can see it running and updating, but no triangle. I grabbed their (authors) copy of the source, which is in a MSVC++ project. I loaded it up built and ran it and it worked fine. So I removed the 1 source file from their project and added my version of it. Same result built and ran fine. So obviously I am having some problems with my project setup, but I have no idea what. I have gone through everything on the settings and compared and can find no difference between my project and the authors. I exported makefiles for both and compared them, and again could find no difference. Anyone have any ideas. I feel like a schmoe getting beat down by this and would appreciate any help. Thanks. ------------------------------------ "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but, in practice, there is." -Jan L.A. van Snepsheut ------------------------------------

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