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3rd preson action game...........

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This game will blow you mines..................... Sorry the game is not done please help out, check the help wanted section for more info. But for now here''s some in game info:- Story: - Part one A young man who finds his used to be a family of a massive earth protection group, but was killed a re formed called some thing else. He tries to take revenge, when his father came to him in a dream and give help to his quest, his find the robot his father said, called ELENT. ELENT are units that used to protect earth, they are made using an alien organ that can change shapes, and can use power of the planet. There are two units on earth which was send buy the alien, conflict has in their world of good and evil, because earth are in the middle they believe this is their only way for they peace and ours. Will back to the story, the young man is after the leader of the organization. On his way he find a friend, who help him in many of his missions. When his got very close to kill that guy, that guy is already out in space. He got court and got locked up, when his friend come to save him, so as soon as he got out to space he face the guy in person. Part two The guy defied him, but didn’t kill him. He asked him “why are you doing this?” And told him that he is his only brother, the time his dad told him that the ELENT are great power, and must not let evil come for it. Not long the evil come for him so I killed him , I lost you on the fight back by the peoples. The evil is the one you called friend and he used you to get out of earth so that he can take over the earth, ELENT are out of earth so there not thing protecting earth right now. So the young man went back to earth, finding earth is change a lot in the past hour. Then he fights back! More to come…………….. sheng

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