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X Herakleitos

Bitmap Deployment? Hit me with a clue

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I really don''t know what I''m doing - but I''m trying to do it anyway. So any insults or clue-bricks thrown my way would be appreciated, if only a clue as to where to begin understanding this kind of thing. I''m trying to alter the way a program works, or more specifically, to get it to deploy some bitmap resources that are already contained in the main executable file. Using a program called "Restorator" I was able to see that said resources do exist in the .exe file. But I''m too stupid to understand the logic of how such resources are made manifest in the program''s operation. The program is a aid for playing an old style wargame by email, the kind where the board is demarcated by hexagons which regulate the movement of military units. So, there''s an executable (apparently programed in BC++ 5.01) and then there are ancillary files (here they have the extension .trc) that deploy the units/pieces (bitmap resources) as well as their relative/changeable location on the game map. OK. Now the original game, a simulation of the German invasion of Russia in 1941, has some variant/optional units (i.e., "what if" Afrika Korps, Fliegerkorps, and some optional artillery units); and these units, although the bitmap resources corresponding to them are inside the executable, are nevertheless not made to appear by the setup (.trc) files. Restorator program (that allows one to view resources) shows these bitmaps numbered as 2210 through 2216. When I look at the .trc files in UltraEdit with the idea of tweaking them so as to invoke these resources, I''m left at a standstill as the format presently eludes my comprehension. Is their something that will translate what appears to me as gobbledegook into some kind of discernable logic? Basically I just want to create a .trc file that causes these units/resources to appear on the board. While my immediate interest is to fix what I consider to be an incomplete element in the program, I am very interested in learning how to write my own programs - even though this may be a bassackward form of introduction. I think there are some real possibilities for carrying out the marriage of these older, chess like war sims and more modern PC gaming.

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