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Ignoring all Mouse Input - Using a WH_GETMESSAGE Hook

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Hi, I''m trying to set up a window that ignores ALL mouse input - it will only ever paint itself and that''s it. To do this I have installed a WH_GETMESSAGE hook and returned WM_NULL whenever the window gets any kind of mouse message including the WM_NCHITTEST message (in fact all messages except WM_PAINT). This however does not seem to work - the window''s WinProc still gets the WM_NCHITTEST message and activates itself when it is clicked with the mouse. I''ve tried returning MA_NOACTIVATE to the WM_MOUSEACTIVATE message and also have the line ShowWindow(hwndMain, SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE); in the program. Does anybody have any ideas.... Harry www.declan-software.com

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