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Josh Gosse

Compilers - Where can I get a good free one?

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I am new to this and I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could find a good, free compiler that dosen''t run in DOS. I am new to the world of Programming.. TAKE IT EASY ON ME PLEASE, I''''m only 15!

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and if you meant "doesnt run in dos" as a compiler that doesnt use the command line, your out of luck, there are none for c++(or probably any language).

what you want is a ide or a text editor, the only good free one for windows i can think of is dev c++, at

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Compiler = program that compiles code

Linker = program that links object files into an executable file

IDE = program or suite of programs that allows users to manipulate the above two devices easily, normally in a graphical manner.

You're most likely referring to wanting an IDE that runs under Windows or whatever graphical OS you happen to be using. In that case, I recomment Dev-C++ (a product of Bloodshed Software [address in first reply]). It's good for beginners, and you can always graduate to *shiver* VC later. Not at all to say that Dev-C++ isn't capable of being advanced. VC just tends to be more standard.


EDIT - Miswording, and sorry I wasn't the first to explain all that stuff. Just didn't read all the way through the reply above me.

Edited by - ZealousElixir on January 9, 2002 9:55:01 PM

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