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Puzzle game on a 3d sphere howto?

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well, as some ppl know in the forum (ppl who answered me about how to create a sphere based on quads (thnx a lot ppl)), I´m doing a puzzle game, but played on a sphere instead of a board made of quads. I would like to create a little 3d world using the coords of this sphere to set my 3d tiles an create this way a 3d tiled spherical world. The game I´m trying to make is based on Pipemania/Pipedream if this helps someone to understand what I´m doing, but played on a spherical world. Could anybody gimme any tip, explanation, etc... in how to achieve this kind of game? (I have the game done with dx8 but it is just a 2d board mad of quads). If anyone has any more information in order to help me pls, let me know here though a post or send me an email to Thnx in advance. Byez ppl!

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