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DirectInput Action Mapping..

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For anyone using action mapping, theres 2 problems I see: 1> There''s a limitation in using action mapping if you want to have multiple key commands, such as "shift-a" or "ctrl-b" or something. Basically you just can''t do it straight out with action mapping. The only remote thing I can think of that could work, is having a separate action map for the keys with shift/ctrl held down, and when your primary action map sees shift being held, it switches to a different map with the shift-x keys. 2> Can you even get those INI files locally into your application directory? I completely hate them existing inside that common/directx directory. My other alternative is just to scrap the action map junk, and go back to my old routines which is similar, and just update any DirectInput function to make it up to date. I will most likely just do this, because the little extra bit of support for devices isn''t worth it. I''ll just code for mouse/keyboard only anyway. Anyone have any opinions on action mapping? - Zawinul

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I appreciate what MS are trying to achieve - and full marks for trying. However, I agree that it is only half an implementation at the moment.

My main gripe was trying to get Force-feedback to work on it. There is currently no provision at all and I ended up using Action mapping for the controls and having a seperate list of device pointers, set up conventionally, for the FF.

I''m sure it will improve and become useful in future versions of DirectX.


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