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Animation and Model loading

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I am trying to come up with an animation/model loading system for a 3d mech game. I want to try to use a generic skeletal system and load the model over it, and animate the model using the skeleton. First, can it be done this way? Second, is this the best way, or the fastest way? Third, how would i generally go about this if the first two questions are true? Any answer would be helpful. "I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds" -Hindu Holy Book

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I found a usefull tutorial for c++ and OpenGL about Skeletal Animations
It''s well-understandable.
search at under articles, with the keyword bones!
At your 2 questions:
Yes, Skeletal Animation, is the fastest way animating models.
And the practiest, too!
Half Life is using this technologie, and you can see the result :D

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