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Almost useless mods

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I play the whole Rainbow Six series (R6, R6:EW, Rouge Spear, RS:UO, and Cover Ops.) I downloaded a mod for Rouge Spear which was a frequently downloaded one....I forgot the was actually a pretty cool mod in which you could be a ninja or samurai and use weapons like swords and shirukens(sp?). Anyway, this sounds like a cool mod but I tried playing a single player game and first, the swords only reach a small distance and while the shirukens are the only weapon you can actually use...they are very inaccurate. Then, later, I find out that this mod is supposed to be used in multiplayer... Ohhhh so that''s what I was supposed to do... So anyway I go to the MSN Gaming Zone and there are a few problems. First, no one actually uses mods for Rouge Spear and people go right for the pistol only games. Second, Rouge Spear lags like a mutha when you use the normal game with with this mod using swords and close range weapons, 2 cable users would be in a game with unbelievable lag. Flame all you want or post useless mods you have seen...

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