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some questions.

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Hi Guys! I''m german and 16 years old. Forgive me my faults.*s* So lets start. I model for a 3D-online-Fantasy-Rpg. But there is much to do. My leader said, that he needs SMD files (the files of halflife)for the characters and 3dmax for the objects . Are there bette alternitives vor SMD? I work with Cinema4d.. (the quality of this program increased dramatically) But i havent found n exporter for Cinema tu export du *.smd-files. What do i have to do to export the Move-animated Characters to *.smd ? Another thing: IN Cinema4d there is a "glätten-tag (german)" thats a tag which smooths the objekt. It is very good for low-poly-objects.. Can i export this to *.smd ,too ? .. or for other objects to 3ds? I need to know this, because if i am able to export the smooth, it is much easier to texture the objects... Thanks... If somebody wants to help me.. icq: 72084650 -thomas-

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