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HELP!! Stupid Annoying. TOTWGPG

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Ok simple, Ive heard that the dodgy bitmap loading code of andre lamothes has been solved by someone but I cant find it, can someone please post the code to me? As my bitmaps are all weird and fuzzzzy and its reaaaalyy annoying!!

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Do a search on the forums, i talked someone through ALL the problems in the bitmap section about a month ago.

If i remember right the title only refered to the book and "problems". Just a guess but the "fuzzy" bit happens because in the bitmap read function one of the variables is incremented by the width INSTEAD of the lPitch as should be.

If you still can't find the thread and that doesn't work post again or mail me and i'll help you out.


EDIT: Here's the link to the thread

Just FYI, it isn't stupid, annoying yes, stupid no. All the info you need to solve the problem is in the chapter but i guess it's kinda hard to see whats wrong when your just learning. Hope this helps.

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