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very good software for music making

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If you want to make really good music (it saves as a MIDI file) to put in your game, I recommend you get the freeware version of Quartz Audio Master. One of the best things about it is that you can choose your instruments, and then play the tune you want using your regular typing keyboard for the PC or Mac. If you invent a time machine and travel back and forward through time, what would happen if you travelled to the time when the Universe doesn''''t exist anymore?

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I also suggest Cakewalk!
It´s much easier to use than Logic Audio or Pro Tools
BTW: Twelve Tone Systems does not develop anymore the Cakewalk Pro Audio Line (as far as i know)...Cakewalk Pro Audio has been renamed to Cakewalk Sonar (for all who are interested in


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Yes.. I also find Cakewalk''s user interface very user friendly. But musicians starting with cubase or pro tools says different ;o) I guess its a matter of taste as with many other prgs. All the above mentioned "top" tools for creating music, pretty much do the same thing with the same result anyhow.

Good luck to ya all.

PS. Nice with some musicians around

Mvh Mario..

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Yes i agree with you!
Cakewalk has a very good and easy to learn Interface.
I tried also a demo version from audio´s much harder to use. But if you have the time to learn all the features of logic you have surely one of the most professional tools you can get...(for smaller budgets


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I use cubase VST, because everyone I know uses cubase plus its pretty easy work with I think. But then again if everyone jump off a bridge would I?

You should pick something you would feel comfortable working with. But you should at least take a look at the other competitive products and make a decision on what you looking for.

CakeWalk, Cubase, Logic Audio, Pro Tools are definitely all the leading tools on the pc market as for as audio sequencing goes.

Other Tools to consider for digital editing include but not limited to are Wavelab, Sound Forge, Cool edit.

Anyways that just my opinion, but I honestly recommend you do some research before you buy. You would be doing yourself a favour and could save alot money in the long run.

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My favorite is MicroLogic from EMAGIC.
(well, MicroLogic is a product similar to
Logic Audio, also from EMAGIC, but made
for people with not so much money. I has some
features less, but is damn good, though)

I just love the midi editing section of ML (I have
3.5, well, maybe 4 or 5 is already sold),
it''s damn comfortable, I _hate_ the clumsy midi editing
in cubase...

multi track audio recording also supported.
mixer window looks like a real studio mixing panel

I think I''ve paid $50 or so for MicroLogic3.5,
well, I am a registered user, I buyd ML 2.0 before,
so they contaced me as 3.5 was out, and got it directly
from them. If I had buyd it at some shop,
I would have payd $100 or so...
That''s 2..3 years or so ago...

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