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How to optimize?

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I have build my terrain map using octree using the models from 3DS Max. How can I optimize the speed in drawing? I got my own file format, all the polygon meshes that are connected and using the same material is stored in an array. But because of the octree structure, I need to send the polygons according to the travesal of the octree. Should I make a list and sort all the polygons first before drawing or just send the polygons directly from the travesal? Or should I even sort all the poylgons with the same material first no matter they are connected or not?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
When you traverse, create lists of Indices to the polygons with the same textures. Then, send each of the lists (along with the vertex array list) to a function that draws Vertex Array''s. do a search on google for information on drawing vertex arrays. Anyways, this would do 2 things for you:
A.) You need only change textures when you have to.
B.) To send data for a Vertex Array is very minimal (you just send the pointers!)

The problem with this method is that it takes a bit more memory, and isn''t very flexible (ei, what if you wanted to multi-texture the polygons, and they have different multi-textures).


ps. I think just sending the polygons directly from the traversal, and only changing states when you have to, would be the best way if you need it flexible.

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