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damn fstream

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WizHarDx    190
Hi I am making the level editor for my game, its working fine but when I save & then load it does not work correctly. In the structure I am saving it has 3 HBITMAPS & 2 Arrays. I am guessing the problem is that the struct contains pointers so it is saving the memory address not the data or something like that , anyways do any of you know how to overcome this problem. thanx in advance WizHarD

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ATronic    122
be sure when saving to a file to save the objects, like you said, not the pointers. For example.

int* data = MyDataLoader();



You could always write each member of the structure, or make it into a class with a save function. Since I tend to lean towards classes anyway, the second is what I would do.

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null_pointer    289
You cannot save the HBITMAPs directly because they are handles. You must get the bitmap header data (dimensions, bits-per-pixel, etc.) and save it into a file yourself. If you do not need a custom format then you should use the Windows bitmap file format (BMP). should have information about this.

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