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developers using HW T&L?

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with a couple GPUs (did nvidia copyright that?) out, are any developers current doing 3d engine work going to let OpenGL or Direct3D do the T&L work so your games will take advantage of HW T&L if available? i know that OpenGL and D3D''s past T&L wasn''t that great, and alot of people need to add unsupported or poorly-supported things like different types of shadows or LOD ar things, but with the possibility of HW T&L on the end-user''s machine increasing, are you going to stick with prorietary methods, or let the API do the work? or, for those working on the engine-level, will you code seperate method depending on whether HW T&L is present or not? it may take some work, but many games still come with options for D3D and OGL, so creating an all OGL T&L pipeline along with a mixed T&L pipeline can''t be much more difficult (i haven''t done any 3d work yet, so i don''t know. if you have some experience on this end, feel free to correct me) so what are you all using: pure OGL T&L pipeline, pure D3D T&L pipeline, in-house & OGL T&L pipeline, in-house & D3D T&L pipeline, or a mix of any or all depending or hardware available? -Justin White jowhite@bigfoot.com AIM: Just6979 www.bigfoot.com/~jowhite "To infinity and beyond!" -Buzz Lightyear "I can only show you the door. You must choose to go through it." -Morpheus "Your mind is like a parachute. It works best when open." -Anonymous "I know Kung-fu." -Neo "Ignorance is bliss" -Cypher "My name...is Neo!" -Neo

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