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Futuristic FPS

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Ok guys I have an idea for a futuristic FPS set in another universe. It will have humans, aliens, robots and other various characters all entangled in a galactic war. You however are a merc (human), not allied with any side, just doing what you are asked for cash. You will travel through 8-10 planets (sometimes during battles) to complete different objectives. The planet types will vary and will all be inhabited by many different types of characters. You will choose missions from a rather large list at your "HQ" and each will present a different cash reward with various other incentives. You may choose to ally yourself with a "side" and take missions from only this group gaining their trust and possibly their funding to upgrade weapons, armor, experience and your ultimate goal which has not been figured out yet =). I would like some comments on this idea good or bad and would like to see some additions to it as well. Anyone want to help write a story? Desert Fox, Ian Cheshire "Don''''t fight a battle if you don''''t gain anything by winning" -Erwin Rommel

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