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Synchronization and Bandwidth

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Hi, In the game I''m writing, I''ve pretty much got data transmission working nicely. I''m just ironing out the bugs now. What I want to know, firstly is, do I need to synchronize my clients and server? I''ve implemented code that regulates stuff like moving the players and checking for incoming data to 60 times per second, though I don''t think it''s perfect, because occasionally its only 59 and sometimes only 58 times per second. Does this matter? (I think this problem is derived from running my server _and_ connecting two clients to the loopback ip, which means I''m running 3 versions of my game on one processor/video card, which is slowing all 3 games down) Secondly, each client currently sends approximately 600 bytes of data per second, with max 8 clients. This means the server needs to receive 4,8k per second, and then send this off to all the clients, so I suppose they''d also have to receive 4,8k per second each as well. Is this too much? (Currently I''m only sending the players positions 15 times per second, every fourth tick). Thanks guys We scratch our eternal itch A twentieth century bitch We are grateful for Our Iron Lung

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Most 56k modems can do only 3KB/s max and at that point you''ll only be handling messages with the actual game pretty much at a standstill.

600bytes per second is too much. You need to find ways to cut that number down. Everquest sends around 80bytes per second. My two MMORPGs do around 75. Gang Wars probably does even less than that.

What type of game is it?


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