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Displaylist and glColor problem

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When Im trying to display the first line of text for my console it comes up red, and the rest comes up white. I call for the color red and then go into my console functions. But in the console text display fuction I pass the color I want (white). this is part of the code is where it displays the text.
	glDisable (GL_TEXTURE_2D);				glListBase (base);					
	glColor4f (color.v[0], color.v[1], color.v[2], color.v[3]);	
	glCallLists (strlen (text), GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, text);		glEnable (GL_TEXTURE_2D);				
if I put a glGetfloatv (GL_CURRENT_COLOR), the value is white but what is displayed is red !!!! is there something got to do with display lists and glcolor ???? ( did call the red with glColor3f , and white with glColor4f and blending is on but I dont write anyhting red and the rest of the text 2nd line up is fine !!!!! ..also textures as you can see are disabled)

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Fine you did fine the answer yourself

Excuse me, but I did not understand what was your problem. In fact, I didn''t understand the solution o_O

The color is set when you call glRasterPos

Do you mean that you need to call glColor before glRasterPos ?
I know that the color may not be set if the raster position is invalid, otherwise I don''t see how you solved your problem ^^

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