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glFog() ??

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Hi, i''ve seen this function in an OpenGL reference page, i was wondering, is it an easy way of having fog in OpenGL? How does it work? Anybody got some pseudo code? I was also wondering, are alot of people using it? Thanks

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This is the easiest question ever NeHe has a tutorial on Fog. Isn't that nice! Lesson 16 I think. Oh and yes it is very quick and easy to put in (about 25 lines of code) but it's not Volumetric Fog (all NeHe's does is make fog appear in the distance) so you can't do any of the neat foggy floors like in Quake III or Tribes 2. If you want to do that it's alot of work I haven't found any good tutorials on that however.

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For a little thingie on volumetric fog you can check our site....
Not much of a tutorial..but you get some source to play with! =)


Hope this can help you out a little on the little more advanced fog effect! =)

Take Care!

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