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Zeblar Nagrim

Dialogbox problem

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Hello I create my frame windows with CreateDialog...
// Try to load a dialog form to the HWND

HWND l_hDialog = CreateDialog( (HINSTANCE) GetWindowLong(m_hWndParent, GWL_HINSTANCE), MAKEINTRESOURCE(p_iPageID), m_hWndParent, (DLGPROC) GetWindowLong(m_hWndParent, GWL_WNDPROC));
l_tPageWnd.m_hWnd = l_hDialog;
and my windows shrink automaticly approx. 10x10 pixel! Is it possible to prevent the dialog from resizing it self? I want the window to be aligned with the border. Thanks, Zeblar Nagrim, Lord of Chaos

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