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New To DirectX

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if you are new to game programming, you do not necessarily have to use OpenGL. if you WANT to use Direct3D then grab some books, and checkout some tutorials on the web. everything will be intimidating until you try it.

i would suggested learning the 3D vector math and matrices. this is much more important than any API.

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Yes directx is really intimidating as it seems.
I got started with directx then I switched to opengl because of that reason.
I would not say that opengl learning curve is just slightly gentler.
In my experience the ratio is 1\3, I mean , abt 4 months study with opengl were equivalent to 1 year with directx
To be honest,I must say that I learnt 6.0.
I went through 8.0 and I got the impression that it is easier, thanks for example to the common files.
It worth learning directx,if you want to become a professional or at least a shareware game developer.
I you develop games just for fun, I can not see any reason.
In my opinion Directx 8.0 is a more advanced API than Opengl but not to a such extent to justify the efforts for learning it.

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DX8 and OpenGL are roughly equivalent in terms of ease of use (assuming you use the examples, the docs, and all the resources available to you).

The hardest part will be things like "What the heck is a projection matrix??", and that will be true in either API.

It''s getting to be that the "draw a triangle" on the screen app is pretty similar in both APIs. DirectX may have a few more lines of code, but the lines do not contain any black magic.

Be warned though.. I think the red OpenGL book is very good at explaining the basics (applicable in both APIs). I think the majority of DX books have at least one chapter that is "the wrong way" to do something.

Bottom line. Get both SDKs. Create the simple "draw a triangle" app. See which one "feels" better.

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