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Need help, Objects and Hit procedures

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Haya! I have some techniques issues I''d like to get some help with. I''m coding a 16-bit platform game in C under Win9x using a Borland compilator. It''s in mode13. Now, I would be glad if someone could give me a piece of advice on how to make my "player object" know when he runs into an object or a wall. I''m currently using the dubbel-buffering technique and to verify wether there is an object under the "player objects" feet I check for the color in the 320*200 byte sized buffer. If the color differs from the "ground object" color, he should fall. I''m not sure wether this is a healthy way or not to do it because I''ve seen that in several platform games, ie. "Super Mario Brows 1", when the "player object" stands on the very edge of a cliff or ie. mushroom like in SMB, it tends to stay in the air till the mushroom or the cliff ends vertically. Also when it hits a wall it seems like the "player obj" apprehends this object just by the coords! So, I''ve thought of using a second buffer at the size of 320*200 bytes that holds all the coords of invisible objects that I declare by setting those coords to 1s and all other to 0s, and then use a hit algorithm based upon that buffer so that when the "player obj" encounters that coords pos it will react. Then I will just place all visible objects at those locations. This is just an idea I''ve come up with, but I''m not sure if this is the right/common technique to use, and I dont want to waste time on coding procedures that are for no use, so plz just give me some hints and advices would you ? Thnx alot.

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