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need help!!

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Can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with this code please???? I was testing some stuff and this seemed to show more effort in working. Forget the text written in it, I was screwing around. getch(); printf(" "); 0; printf("What would you like to do?\n"); action = getch(); if (action == ''1'') goto <1>; if (action == ''2'') goto <2>; if (action == ''3'') goto <3>; if (action == ''4'') goto <4>; if (action == ''5'') goto <5>; printf("Not an option. Try again.\n"); goto <0>; 1 printf("You walk to the tavern......\n"); printf("You are now inside the tavern.\n"); printf("Inside, you see a couner with an old man behind it.\n"); printf("He asks you if you would like to buy something and hands you\n"); printf("a piece of paper with the price list on it. It reads:\n"); printf(" "); printf("chop suey - 2,000,000gp\n");

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