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As New To Game Dev. As It Gets!?!

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I always wanted to make games my whole life.....But anyway.... I am very fusy with a few thing....... My compiler is Mingwing32, I got it of a local computer magazines disc and I read something about borland c++ that is free(I read it on the discs readme)No i extracted mingwing32 and i found files in there that say: cc1 cc1obj cc1plus cpp f771 What are they, I am so confused you would not believe it!!!! Pleez answer!!?!?!?!!

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Two skills you will find very useful if you wish to be an even half-way decent programmer:
  1. Learning to look for things for your self. For example, if you typed "how to use MingW32" in Google or looked on the MinG homepage for a manual, you''d likely find the answer to your question.

  2. Having found the manual - read it. Ergo, RTFM. Any modern consumer software comes with at least a readme file (yes, even crappy Open Source 0.01 projects). Start there.

Now, go forth and exercise your new-found skills!

[ GDNet Start Here | GDNet FAQ | MS RTFM | STL | Google ]
Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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I just thought of something else to say.........

Im Much newer than that and well.......
Im quite imbarrased about this..........

I have no programming skills at all!!!!
Although i have made a few games with a program that does not
require any programming at all but i want to take it to the next level now......The Real Way!!!!!!I am willing to learn!!!!!

I also have now tried to do the google thing that u said and
i didnt find much so i was thinking if you could recomend a free compiler and a language that i can get off the net.......But i still want to know what these things are:

cpp---------------Im curious about this one!could it be c++....
The cd said something about free borland c++
what is that????mmmmm?


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Ummm, you''ve never considered taking a short walk to your local library and borrowing a book with a name like ''C++ for beginners''?

Good luck. =)

/ Martin

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My advice would be do a search on the net and grab a simple language like Basic.

Do some programming in it get use to just general programming concepts, boolean math, etc. Then grab C or C++ some good books, a compiler and alot of time.

When you run into trouble hit the search engines for awhile if you dont find the answer, post here or in a newsgroup.

Then once youve gotten C or C++ decide what platform you wanna do(linux,windows,console,mac,etc) then learn about the hardware and operating system to that platform. Finally learn about a API maybe for that platform.

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Original post by lonewalker
vc++ is the choice for most games programmers.

this isn''t FREE!
Dev-C++ is a (free) favorite on this message board (from what i have read here)... i prefer the free borland compiler with VIDE...
but a compiler and IDE won''t help you much unless you are willing to read books (once you get the basics there is a ton of stuff on the internet also, but if you have never programmed you will probably need a full introduction and not tutorials and stuff). if you scan through the messages here on gamedev.net you will find hundreds of posts about what books are good for what and so on...

--- krez (krezisback@aol.com)

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