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New guy here. Need help on where to start.

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Original post by Ion_blaster
I got some questions.

1. What should i use for a language?
2. How do i make a First Person Shooter/Strategy Game?
3. Where could i find a proggraming tutor?

Note: I want my new game to be 3d

Go 4 it!

Ok, I´m not that experienced, but maybe I can help you.

1. I recommend you learn C first and then C++, most people here use them. The book I used to learn C was a very good one but I´m afraid it is in Spanish. So maybe you should check the books recommended in this site. For C++ try to get Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days by Liberty.

2. When you have a good grasp on C/C++ you can learn DirectX or OpenGL and make your game using one of those (or maybe combining them. ie. OpenGL for 3D graphics and DirectX for input and sound). Please, don´t ask which one is better, search for some old posts about the subject and read them.

3. By programming tutor do you actually mean a person that can teach you how to program? I don´t know then.

Good luck!!

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I suggest you dont learn C before C++ if u have the sole intent to make games. Also it seems ur asking the wrong questions to start. I believe u wish to obtain microsoft visual C++ and a book such as Sams to teach urself C++ in a reasonable length of time, practice makes permanent. start small btw, i started with a textbased game when i was 9, i know alot of ppl fire into graphics but i dont recommend it.

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