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AnsiString to byte

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AnsiString funcname(AnsiString s)
{ int StringByteSize;
int StringLength;
BYTE *pByteArray;

// Calculate the strings length and add in an extra space for the ''\0''.
StringLength = strlen(s) + 1;

//Calculate the number of bytes in the string.
StringByteSize = ( StringLength * sizeof(BYTE) );

// Create our dynamic array of bytes.
pByteArray = new BYTE[StringByteSize];

// Shows you how to access the data in the array.
for(int i=0; i < StringLength; i++)
// Output the BYTE.
cout << (BYTE)pByteArray[StringLength];
cout << endl;

// Free up the dynamic memory we allocated.
delete [] pByteArray;


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No way you can do it in a static array... but here is a slighly more BCB style version of anon's answer...

void funcname(AnsiString s)
unsigned char *barray = new unsigned char[s.Length()+1];
memcpy((void *)barray,, s.Length()+1);
delete[] barray;

Note that "BYTE" is unsigned char in BCB -- yet all string data is signed.... so not sure what will happen.....

Edit: added byte/uchar info
Edit: changed return to void

Edited by - Cirian on January 15, 2002 8:50:48 PM

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