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Msg Handler Wrapping...

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Hi all, just wanted to know how you guys wrap up the Message Handler, which methods do you guys use... I use a method in which the user defines the window, and then defines if he wants his code to handle stuff like WM_CREATE, WM_DESTROY, keyboard, mouse events, or if he wants the code to handle it automaticly... and you?

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Mine sounds far less elegant, but gets the job done pretty well.

I usually encapsulate a window in a class, and then stuff the class pointer into either a Window Property, or into the GWLP_USERDATA slot (see GetWindowLongPtr if you don''t know what I''m talking about). Then I define a WindowProc method in the class that gets called. Each base class has it''s WindowProc implementation.. so each class builds on the previous one. The base class just calls DefWindowProc(). Then, depending on the class (and my mood =)), I either handle each message directly (in the switch/case block), or else have helper methods, like _OnCommand(), or more specific helpers like _OnFileExit(), etc.

I''ve used that method for a while now and it works pretty good. This is usually for normal Win32 apps though (not using DirectX), so I can''t say if it works real well for games (though I don''t see why it wouldn''t).


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