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I am a basic programmer (BASIC and basic ) and I want to know: What language has good speed, but is sprite object oriented. Kinda like Flash Actionscript, but with a little more backbone. I already created a platform engine with Flash, but if you have like a bunch of platforms, it runs really slow. I want to be able to create an EXE with hardware acceleration. Should I use DirectDraw, or something like that. Also, are there any books that can introduce me??? Thanks, - Yohan -

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I think Dark Basic uses sprites. It also requires DirectX to run, but you do not need to know DirectX. If you are looking for raw speed, then C/C++ is the way to go. Then you use DirectX or OpenGL. This route though, you need to do everything yourself. Sprites are not built in(maybe in DirectX8). A good book to start with is Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus by Andre LaMothe. A lot of people here have read that book and can help with any problems you encounter along the way. It is based on DirectX.

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