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moving objects (d3d)

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i have an object that i want to move forward relative to the direction it''s looking...i''ve written code that does this to the camera from a first person view, but it doesn''t seem to work on an object - the object must be rotated several times in order for it to begin going in the right direction..what am i doing wrong?

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It''s very hard to say unless you actually post the object code, and prefereably the camera code so i can compare them and see whats wrong.

It might just be a transformation mistake, i believe the transformations for objects and cameras occur in different orders.

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I''m going to assume that you have a matrix (not a vector) being used for the rotation/position/translation of the object.

Based on that all you would have to do is always use D3DXMatrixTranslate(&theobject)... and pass it something like 1,0,0 which will move the object always on it''s x axis.

Think of it this way..Your not moving the object relative to the world but to it''s self. So when ever you rotate the object with D3DXMatrixRotate(&theobject); your changing the orientation of the axis for that object, so that when every you do other rotations, or translations after this call, it will be relative to the new axis...

Hope that made some sense


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i am using D3DXMatrixTtranslation() in my "build world matrix" function...here is the code for my "key up" ( move forward ) event:

for (p = 0; p < 6; p++)
TheShip[p].xPosWorld += sinf(D3DXToRadian(theShip[p].yRot)) * .2f;
theShip[p].zPosWorld -= cosf(D3DXToRadian(theShip[p].yRot)) * .2f;

i''m trying to move all ships forward no matter which way they are looking...it''s strange because a first person game i''m writing uses this code for the camera and it works fine in all directions...by the way, i''m applying the same formulas to my camera, so it will follow the player.

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