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fps counter and timing with highperformancetimer

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ok, think ive been up too long cause i cant seem to get an answer from my app that resembles any sane form. so im using the high performance tick counter. i get the Frequency of the tick counter and store it in m_timerFrequency. now let me get this straight - the frequency of the tick counter represents how many ticks occur in 1 second ? i query the counter at the beginning of each rendering loop saving the value in a variable m_startTick. at the end of the loop i query it again saving the value in a variable m_currentTick; now to get fps i am doing: 1. get the difference between m_currentTick and m_startTick 2. divide the difference by m_timerFrequency 3. invert the answer ( or 1.0/ answer) so it looks like: 1.0f / ( (m_currentTick - m_startTick) / m_timerFrequency) am i forgetting something ? regards, bg3ntl '' That''s a nice little nothing you are almost wearing. ''

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m_timerFrequency= frequency of tick counter
m_startTick=start of render
m_currentTick=end of render

m_currentTick - m_startTick = period for frame(in ticks)

ticks need to be time so:

m_timerFrequency/(m_currentTick - m_startTick) = time to render frame.

so fps= (m_currentTick - m_startTick)/m_timerFrequency

I think thats right.

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