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Exporting lightmaps and 3DS Max 4.2

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Hi all =) We''re looking for a way to export lightmaps generated in 3DS Max 4.2 in a seperate texture channel (with it''s own UV coords) to be used in realtime game developpement. (X-Box game to be specific) I''ve tried Luminaire and it''s really good, but unfortunatelly does not suit our needs. Luminaire would be perfect if it would allow tilable textures and the same area in a texture-map that could be re-used elsewhere on the object. But unfortunatelly it does not. =( One guy here remembers in one of the 3DS Max R3 training videos that there was a technique shown for this. What would be really ideal is an automated process that creates the lightmaps much the way Q3A handles BSP lighting. Any help will be greatly apriciated! =) ~~~Godspeed You Black Emperor~~~ Etienne Blythe eblythe@m... --------------------------------------------- - I jumped in the river and what did I see? - ---- Black-eyed angels swimming with me. ---- ---------------------------------------------

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